Black Kitchen Sink

Every kitchen space is unique, and to get the most from it in looks, function, and enjoyment sometimes requires thinking a little bit outside the box. Choosing a black kitchen sink over more traditional white or the look of stainless steel could just be what your kitchen needs to bring it to the next level.

Black color always looks luxurious in the kitchen and is ideal for accenting or matching your black appliances, floor tiles, backsplash, or counter top. You won’t see staining like you do with white sink options and there are plenty of materials available in this timeless color to guarantee your sink works not only works with the look your kitchen but for whatever purpose you use our sink for on a daily basis.

Not only can it be used to create a cohesive and well-balanced space but when it comes to highlighting your kitchen sink black is the way to go as it commands attention like no other. This can be particularly true if used with contrasting white features like cabinets or counters. Whatever reason you choose to use one, you will find options that look phenomenal with every style from traditional all the way to modern.

Black Kitchen Sink


Before we get into the different materials and types, you’ll need to know a little bit about both single and double bowl options:

Black Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks

A single bowl sink has a one basin. Having only one gives you a larger area to work with as opposed to sinks with two. This can allow for cleaning bigger size pots and pans which may not fit in a dishwasher. While a single bowl is more versatile in what you can fit inside and use it for you won’t have the benefit of being able to multi-task like you can with a double bowl.

Black Kitchen Sink


Black Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

A black double kitchen sink will have two basins which are side by side. Some have basins which are both the same size while others have one which is larger and one that is smaller. Having two basins can be a real advantage since you can use one for rinsing and washing dishes and the other for preparing food at the same time.

For this reason they are often purchased by people who do a lot of cooking or don’t have a dishwasher. Installing one can also increase the value of your home. However, you may not be able to wash very large pot or pans like you could with a single bowl sink.

Black Kitchen Sink

Different Types

There are also a few different types of black kitchen sinks such as:

Black Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Undermount sinks are ones which are set below the level of the counter top. Because of this they are seamless, in contrast to drop in sinks, and make for a natural and smooth looking transition from the counter to the sink itself. In recent years they have become more and more popular with increases in technology and their decrease in their cost.

A black undermount kitchen sink can function as a sleek looking focal point that will guarantee to impress. Not only do they look fantastic in the kitchen but are also commonly used in bathrooms as well since they are so appealing. Picking one that is the same material as your countertop can look unbelievably impressive.

If you choose to go with a black undermount sink, having it installed by a professional is usually the best option for most people. Like its’ name suggests it is mounted under the counter top using an adhesive such as silicone caulk. Some consumers have an unfounded fear that since they are mounted underneath they may be too heavy to support or may leak, but this not the case when installed properly.


Black Kitchen Sink


Black Drop In Kitchen Sinks

While they don’t have the seamless look of undermount sinks, a black drop in sink is usually less expensive. This type of sink is also easier to install. They are placed into a cut out in the kitchen counter and then sealed in place. A task which can be easily accomplished by someone who enjoys DIY projects. Since they are supported by the rim of the cut out they are sometimes advertised or referred to as self-rimming sinks.

Black drop in kitchen sinks are known for being an easy way to unify your kitchen space. Their neutral color works particularly well with a huge variety of color schemes and the fact that they come in a variety of standard sizes which can be quickly installed into most counter cut outs also helps tremendously.

Drop in sinks regardless of the color are the favored option when working with counters made up of ceramic tiles or laminate. Many models can actually be installed as either an undermount or drop in depending on your preference while others are made only as a drop in.

Black Kitchen Sink



Unlike an undermount sink which is installed under the countertop, a vessel sink is installed above it. These are round black kitchen sinks normally shaped like a bowl, but also sometimes like an oval or rectangle. While they are more often times seen in the bathroom, a black vessel kitchen sink can be used to add a modern touch to your kitchen counter. And of course a rectangular shaped one will offer more space.

While many vessel sinks are made from wood and metal, when it comes to black sinks they are almost always glass, ceramic, porcelain, or stone. Since this type of sink is higher up than other varieties, it is very important the tap is installed at a height which is not too short as it may be hard to get under, and not too tall which could result in you being splashed by water.

Black Kitchen Sink


Black Corner Kitchen Sinks        

Don’t worry, there are even black sinks made to fit into corners as well. Some  kitchen spaces may not be able to fit a sink in the middle section of the counter top, the plumbing may not permit it, or you may just prefer the look of  a sink in the corner.

They are also very popular with owners of mobile homes who obviously have confined space, need a sink, and of course want to add some black color to their kitchen area. Whatever the reason may be, there are black kitchen sink options that can work.

A black corner kitchen sink can give you the style you need while helping you to use your space more efficiently at the same time. They may be drop in, undermount, and single or double bowl. Double bowl options are use usually wedge shaped so you have two sinks, one on either side of the corner with holes for a faucets in the center.

Black Kitchen Sink Different Materials

Black kitchen sinks don’t come in all materials, but they are a decent number to choose from.

Black Granite Kitchen Sinks

Natural stone is always a unique and eye catching choice when used in tiles, counter tops, but especially for sinks. Granite is no exception, and is considered one the, if not the most attractive. While granite can really range in color its true beauty really comes through in black.

Granite’s has several natural qualities which make it ideal for use as a sink. It is extremely heat resistant, scratch-proof, and is known to be one of the toughest and most durable types of stone in the world. A black granite kitchen sink will not crack, chip, or stain, and just about impervious to bacteria. They are also a cinch to clean, but make sure to use a mild cleanser, nothing too harsh.

These qualities plus its beauty may make it more expensive than other options but of course well worth it when it comes to looks and function. The natural variation in shade and in the veins of the stone makes each piece truly unique and a black stone kitchen sink is fantastic way to add a luxurious yet earthy feel. Some granite vessel sinks, are actually made from one single piece of stone.

Black Composite Kitchen Sinks

Many homeowners want the advantages of granite but with a more uniform black color. They choose black composite kitchen sinks which are constructed of a high percentage of granite usually around eighty percent.

These can give you all the benefits of this wonderful stone but in a more even color and in just about every shape. They are also very popular with consumers who are looking for a really tough black matte kitchen sink as this is one of the most common finishes available.

Black Kitchen Sink

Granite whether composite or all-natural is a great choice for a kitchen remodel particularly if you already have granite countertops or floor tiles already and want to accent them, or just love the look of this upscale stone. Because many local shops, even big name stores may not carry them shopping online in places like Amazon is the best option since there is much more selection and heavily discounted prices.


Black Glass Kitchen Sinks

When it comes to this material they are just about all vessels type sinks. However, glass has a look all its own.  And that means in many colors, including black. Black glass kitchen sinks can be clear, solid, or somewhere in-between the two. Many black glass kitchen sinks are hand painted with colors like bronze and copper creating a stunning effect.

Some are even designed with white veins to mimic that of marble for a luxurious look without but without the price tag of real stone. Some sinks are also texture painted on the outside for added appeal and others are etched. Which style you choose is really up to your own personal preference.

Black glass kitchen sinks are very easy to maintain, clean, and are also cheaper than stone materials like stone. Glass is both scratch and stain resistant and can be used to add a modern touch to your space. They can be circular, oval, square, or rectangular in shape. With the rectangular variety giving you the most room for washing up.

Black Kitchen Sink


While some consumers are skeptical of purchasing a sink made from glass, they are in reality quite tough but of course not as strong as stone or other materials. Most are made from tempered glass which adds strength and are pretty thick, usually around half an inch or so. Don’t overlook one as an option for your countertop, or a modern bathroom as they can look outstanding there too!


Black Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks

Cast iron is famous for being used to make durable cookware but it is also an excellent option if you are looking for a black kitchen sink. Unlike pots and pans, sinks manufactured from cast iron have a porcelain enamel coating. It is this coating which gives them their glossy smooth look for which they are known. Although they do come in other colors such as white, black cast iron kitchen sinks are the most common and favored.

Black Kitchen Sink

These sinks are very heavy and durable. You won’t be able to dent one like with stainless steel. Most drop in cast iron sinks for example weigh around a hundred pounds while undermount models can be even more. Because of this some undermount sinks may require extra support and most drop in models will need more caulk than sinks made from other materials during sealing.

A black cast iron kitchen sink can be a perfect way to help create a clean vintage look. However, even though they are extremely tough, care must be taken not to use cleaning agents which are too abrasive for the porcelain coating which can also be chipped if it has to deal with too much abuse.


Black Kitchen Sink


Other Materials

There are a few other materials available too if you have your heart set on this color. For those searching for a black stainless steel kitchen sink you won’t find one. But, if steel is what you want you could go for a steel sink coated with a porcelain enamel. These actually look very much like black cast iron sinks but are lighter in weight and easier to install. Enameled steel sinks are also cheaper than cast iron as well.

Another cheap black sink option is one many people don’t realize exists, acrylic. This plastic can easily be molded into any shape sink and is probably the most inexpensive option. These sinks are lightweight and not difficult to install yourself, which can save the DIY homeowner even more cash.

A black acrylic sink can be a good choice for someone who is renting, not looking to spend too much money, or wants something for a mobile home which these sinks are very popular for. Acrylic can be scratched by abrasive materials, but unlike with sinks coated with enamel, these scratches can be polished out. Since it is a plastic it should not come into contact with petroleum based products and can’t tolerate very high temperatures.

Black Kitchen Sink


Unlike with bathroom sinks where you will find many porcelain and ceramic options when it comes to the kitchen this is not the case. Most people who want the look of a black porcelain kitchen sink will choose a cast iron one since it has a porcelain enamel finish and the toughness of iron.

There are many black vessel sinks in both porcelain and ceramic, and while these are usually used in the bathroom, they could be used as a countertop sink. A farmhouse sink is a strong, deep, and stylish choice for someone looking for a black porcelain kitchen sink, particularly if you like a little bit of country style.


Black Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

For a country cottage look consider a black farmhouse kitchen sink. These are also referred to as apron front sinks for their front panel which sticks out slightly resembling that of a hanging apron. The front panel jutting out was originally used to prevent any water which happened to drip down the front of the sink when washing pots, clothing, or anything that needed a good scrubbing in daily farm and family life, from damaging the cabinets.


Black Kitchen Sink

Unlike other sinks there are no holes for faucets. This is because they were made to be quickly and easily removed if the need arised. Instead when using a farmhouse sink faucets are installed through the supporting cabinet or wall. While some sinks are made of copper or stainless steel, most black farmhouse kitchen sinks are made from fireclay, porcelain, cast iron, or stone such as granite.

Some granite sinks will have an unpolished chiseled front panel making them look incredibly natural. And of course they can be found in both single and double bowl. Whichever name you choose to call them, these classic sinks are deep and wide since they were made to accommodate large pots, baking sheets, and even kids who needed a bath.

They are ideal for anyone who does a lot of “work,” in the kitchen or simply wants to add a country look and feel to their home, which they will certainly do no matter where you happen to live. Because of its size and unique look a black farmhouse kitchen sink placed directly on top of white cabinets or contrasting with a white countertop will serve as an instant focal point that stands out and is also extra functional.

These sinks are actually making a huge comeback since they also look fabulous with contemporary or even modern décor too. Since they have become so popular once again, manufacturers have conveniently designed drop in what are known as “self trimming” sinks so that you can fit one into any standard size cabinet.

You can have the apron front design without having to have cabinets custom-made or having to purchase new ones. A rough cut is all that is needed and the sink can be set in place. A perfect example of this is the Kohler black kitchen sink below.

Black Kitchen Sink



Black Kitchen Sink Taps / Faucets

Black kitchen sink taps are the perfect way to complement your black sink. They are also a superb choice for someone who has a white sink and wants to add a striking contrast. If you happen to have a stainless steel sink, black kitchen faucets also make for a fabulous looking combination. Some like this pairing of metal and black so much they opt for a chrome tap to go with their black sink.

Just like when choosing a tap for any other color sink there are a few things you need to consider. You’ll need to think about what you use your sink for to help you pick one that suits your unique needs. If you are regularly cleaning or filling large pots for example you’ll probably need one which is taller. Or if you are cleaning a lot of dishes or washing vegetables often, picking one that has a pull down sprayer would be a smart idea.

Black Kitchen Sink

You’ll also need to look at your sink itself and know how many holes it has for your faucet, handles, or accessories. If it has only one this means you’ll be able to fit a just a single black kitchen sink faucet which may be all you need. With two holes you can add a handle, soap dispenser, or sprayer.

Three holes are usually used with traditional style sinks that have a faucet in the center and a hot water handle on one side and a cold handle on the other. And four holes will allow for a faucet, two handles, and a sprayer, or soap dispenser. Or you may require a wall mounted faucet depending on your sink and space. If you have a black farmhouse kitchen sink this might be the case.

And of course don’t overlook the style of your kitchen itself. If it’s modern, go with a modern looking faucet. For a more vintage look there are many traditional style black kitchen sink faucets to choose from, particularly in oil rubbed bronze. There are also many transitional type faucets which have a mixture of features to blend more than one style if that’s what you prefer.


Black Kitchen Sink

As you can see there is actually quite a lot to choose when it comes to black kitchen sinks. From glass to stone and everything in-between there is a material for every preference and need. And of course in a size and shape that fits your space. To get the most from your kitchen be sure to consider black.

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